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The following guidelines have been designed by MedWayPR to govern various aspects of Advertising on our portal. MedWayPR is a portal aimed at Physicians and Health Professionals. In this website the term "Advertisements" include arts and promotional texts of third parties and not of MedWayPR.com. This policy governs issues such as the acceptance of advertisements in MedWayPR, how they are published and removed. MedWayPR has complete discretion regarding the enforcement of this policy. This policy may change at any time and will be posted on our website MedWayPR.

MedWayPR maintains complete discretion in terms of the types of Advertising that will be accepted and published in this website . Under no circumstances should advertising in MedWayPR.com be identified as an endorsement of the product or service advertised or the company or organization that promotes.
MedWayPR has the right to refuse an advertisement or announcement if considered inappropriate to the portal.
MedWayPR will not accept certain categories of advertisements and / or advertising as :

  • Misleading , offensive or fradulent Ads
  • Illegal Products
  • Gambling
  • Material used to discriminate and falsify to an individual or group for age, race, origin, religion, sex,   sexual orientation, marital status, or any other found to be inappropriate by our administration.
  • Weapons
  • Pornography
  • Media messages that mention miracle cures

MedWayPR maintains a separation between advertising and editorial content and sponsorships. All advertising, sponsorship and marketing content will be classified as such.

Advertisers should not offer products or services that are not available with the purchase price announced considering and mentioning taxes and delivery charges if necessary.

A single click on an advertising link will direct users to the website of the advertiser or any page within the portal.

MedWayPR reserves the right to reject, cancel or remove an Ad posted on the website. MedWayPR will notify the advertiser of such.

No advertising which may damage the good name or reputation MedWayPR be accepted.

Although there is a commercial benefit for MedWayPR, sponsor information is of benefit to you, our user, providing you with information , services, products and events available for your practice and professional growth. MedWayPR provides opportunities for sponsors to present their marketing messages and information about their products and services , publishing information or links on our site .