...your comprehensive medical resource.

MedWayPR.com is a liaison between the Medical Industry Associations and all Health Professionals. As an excellent resource to inform practitioners about educational activities, events, services and products .

Also, new to MedWayPR.com we have a jobs section to assist Health Professionals in looking for opportunities in their field.

Who are we?

MedWayPR this formed by professionals in the Healthcare Industry with experience in events logistics and marketing. During this journey we saw a need to provide doctors and health professionals with information on their professional development and services or products for your industry and / or specialty. In MedWayPR.com this information can be accessed at NO COST.

What MedWayPR.com offers your community?

MedWayPR.com offers health professionals from Puerto Rico and abroad a variety of information:

Events Calendar: Events on our Agenda are posted by different Associations and Educational Providers to share and communicate. Events entered include:

  • Continuing Education (CME / CE)
  • Local Conventions
  • International Conventions
  • Symposiums and Conferences
  • Social events

News Section: Our news section includes mainly news from third party references. These may include topics such as:
Technology in Medicine

  • Administration and office management
  • Medical publications

Services Guide: A resort like no other, here you can get updated contact information from companies , service providers and products for the medical industry. There is no better reference than word of mouth. For this reason our MedWayPR Community may rate the service they receive from the company, as reference to others.

Jobs: New to MedWayPR.com. Physicians and Health Professionals may turn to MedWayPR.com to find job openings and opportunities available to them.